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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Brain Ache

Yesterday morning I went into work ready and raring to go for a whole day of Microsoft Project training. Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek but I'm fine with that! As a person who structures her life with lists, and lists of lists, and sometimes even lists of lists of lists, it's my ideal program. It takes list making to another level. I think it's pretty amazing, so it's a shame that by 2pm my brain had gone. I'm not sure where but it was no longer in my head, or even the room (which ironically was named 'The Thinker'). But now I need to practice using it! I think I'm going to set up a little marketing project plan or something for my jewellery business, although I think a lot of consulting of the manual will be happening before it's up and running. What does it tell you about me that I'm actually quite excited about that?!

In the evening we had a movie night around my friend's. We watched The Inbetweeners movie which I've been wanting to watch for a while because all I've heard is glowing reviews. It was pretty funny, but definitely not something I'd watch with the parents..! Might have to find someone with the box set of the tv series and have an Inbetweeners marathon. But first in line is the Big Bang Theory which hopefully I will be acquiring tomorrow :) Box sets are perfect for watching whilst I am creating new items of jewellery, so I'm hopeful for a few very productive evenings coming up.

Jewellery update: I had a little brain storm at work today (in my lunch hour I'll have you know ;) ) about new miniature things I can make for necklaces or earrings. I think yellow chicks for spring time, as well as baby animals. Might try out some lambs. Also Valentine's Day is coming up so I'm planning to make some more love hearts - I've recently purchased a 'smile' love heart mould which I'm quite excited about using. I'm also going to make an teddy bear necklace, maybe holding a heart for that Valentine's Day twist! I'm looking forward to the next few evenings!

Here is a clip of my favourite part of The Inbetweeners Movie - the dance scene. It is one of my life ambitions to learn how to do the robot like this!

Laura  x

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